Toulouse College

If a name stands for distinction, Toulouse College means farther than that. Toulouse College teaches the curriculum in both languages: English and French to enable a student to comprehend and speak both, consequently, he easily comprehends the scientific subjects that mostly depend on languages.

This strategy prepares a student to be confident and ambitious in his society. Toulouse College uses up-to-date visual aids and teaching techniques to enable the young generation to be in contact with current age requirements.

Toulouse College is characterized by:

         Remarkable school building established on high quality standards.

         Qualified and skillful teachers.

         Up-to-date equipment : Laboratories, halls, computers, visual and audio-visual aids and playgrounds.

         Kindergarten entertaining playthings and toys.

         Free educational trips and athletic activities in school and out.


         Free medical insurance for all students.

         Well-studied and reasonable tuitions.

         Alert administration seeking for outstanding achievements.


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